Travelling Staff Visas

Visa requirements for all visiting staff including trainers, jockeys, riders, grooms and any other accompanying staff have recently changed.
The type of passport held will determine which application process to use which may take up to 28 days to process.
A letter of invitation will be provided if required.
For further information contact Jane Rogan at Racing Victoria at your earliest conveneince who will advise on the type of Visa application required.
On confirmation of your horse travelling to Melbourne, Racing Victoria will send a pack including all information and paperwork for completion. The paperwork includes forms for:

- Horse registration
- Feed and bedding order
- Trainer / staff licensing
- Vet selection
- Staff accommodation booking.

Feed and Bedding

Racing Victoria will provide high quality local feed, hay and bedding on request. Once it has been confirmed that a horse will be travelling to Australia, an order form with all available products will be sent. Feed may be imported, however imported feed is subject to strict quarantine regulations including inspection and irradiation treatment. Trainers should be aware that irradiation may affect the palatability of certain feeds.

Travelling Staff

Racing Victoria will assist you with all arrangements for your travelling staff leading up to their arrival and throughout their stay.
Before arrival, we will assist with:

- Getting each staff member licensed for temporary stable work in Melbourne
- Booking accommodation with secured competitive rates. 

On arrival, we will provide the following:

- A car for staff use
- A mobile phone
- Transport to and from the airport for those staff not travelling with the horse(s).

Once in Melbourne, Racing Victoria Staff will liaise with your staff on a daily basis so if anything is needed, someone will be on hand to assist.