2016 Guide to Spring Racing Carnival Fashion

We’re not sure if it’s the warmer weather, the colourful dresses or the excuse to spend a day out with friends, but the Spring Racing Carnival is easily one of our fave times of the year (followed closely, both in timing and enthusiasm, by Christmas).

It marks the turn of the seasons more so than any annual orbit of the moon around the sun to us, and as we’re both fans of the warmer weather, it can never come quick enough. The excitement always starts as soon as that first email lands in our inbox with the latest Spring/Summer collection from our favourite designers. We usually open it with anticipation on a dreary Winters’ day and then race home to book a spray tan! This year is no exception and with such beautiful lace, colour and florals all around, it's impossible not to feel that Spring Racing excitement.

There are times when rules should be broken, but the Spring Racing Carnival is not one of of them. It's vital to stick to the traditional codes of dressing for any racing event and focus on a look which is somewhat conservative, fashion forward and classy. In saying this, there's still plenty of room to inject individuality and style into your look to prevent from blending into the crowd.

Most race days carry a theme to base your outfit around, whether it's black and white, feminine or colourful. Raceday dress codes are important to consider and avoiding outfits which are midriff baring, off the shoulder, too short or expose too much skin is important. Demure is key to being race day-ready with lace and long-sleeves becoming a popular choice this season. Spring brights are appropriate as the weather begins to warm and uniqueness can be included through quirky accessories. Be it a studded bag or a statement heel, accessories are easily a talking point in themselves.

The all important raceday head wear has evolved to become a vital stylish accessory, with boater hats, crowns and veils taking centre stage this Spring Racing Carnival. Pushing the boundaries here is part of race-day fun. Accessories act as the finishing touches which can make or break your entire look. When compiling your stylish ensemble, be bold and brave - the Spring Racing Carnival has become a massive event on the annual fashion calendar.
Check out four Spring Racing Carnival looks we've put together below:


Look One: Ballet Pink Knot Strap Slip Dress; By Johnny via Sana. Banksia Crown; Reny Kestel.

Look Two: Sahara Sleeveless Dress; Ginger & Smart via Sana. Zanthos Crown; Reny Kestel.


Look One: Fiesta Dress; Thurley via Her Wardrobe. Middleton Silver Headpiece; Viktoria Novak via Her Wardrobe. Tornaydo Pink Heels; Nine West.

Look Two: Cinthia Eyelet Mesh Mini Dress; Alexis via Her Wardrobe. Headpiece; Danica Erard DE Millinery via Her Wardrobe.

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