Weather Appropriate Attire with Dom Bagnato

Melbourne is notorious for its unpredictable weather conditions. So how does one look their best on the track this Spring racing season despite the potential of four seasons in one day? Simply by planning for the occasion and executing with confidence.

After fashion trends and iconic figures, the weather truly influences the type of clothing people wear. Depending on the weather we wear garments to keep us warm or cool through the year. In a cold climate, we look to heavier weighted fibres such as cottons, merino wool and cashmeres, which we see layered to create a total look while aiding to the weather. On the other hand, with warm climates we tend to see linens, cotton blends and rayon based fabrics that assist us in staying cool and chic, while still looking confident within the heat through more breathable fabrics.

When it comes to getting ready for the Spring Racing Carnival, some men enjoy letting their partner choose their attire, complementing their partner’s outfit for the day. Equally, for discerning men who like to master their closet attire, planning out what to wear to the races and how to combat the unpredictable weather conditions is something done in private and with a little bit of fashion research and care.

Looking your very best on a race day doesn’t need to be a head-scratcher. It’s important to put the time aside to enjoy the shopping process as it allows you to carefully plan and consider, and be prepared for what each day can throw at you – it will also pay off once trackside! With a few simple tips, you can bring your A game trackside this Spring racing season.

Firstly, and importantly, identify the style that suits your silhouette. An expensive suit that isn’t right for your body shape will look bad no matter how much money it cost, equally an inexpensive option can look like a million dollars if the fit is right.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fabrics, textures and weights depending on the weather conditions. Look to experience the relaxed feel of wearing linen blends, cotton and wool mixes in addition to light weight wools. Aim to dress for the Spring Racing Carnival, not the office by embracing the fun essence of what the Carnival offers through your choice of outfit, adding a strong colour palette of clashing pattern combinations. Through spring, light-coloured clothing is best suited as it is known to reflect the sun's rays, bringing vibrancy to your outfit while keeping you cool. Colour, coordination and comfort is crucial.

Carefully consider the process of selecting your preferred shirt and tie combinations as the aim is to break up the tones by injecting some colour. Although the tie is the smallest item, it makes the biggest impact. I encourage men to select multiple options and stand in front of a mirror to decide which style speaks to them the most.

Be daring! Use weather conditions to help drive your style. By adding some simple accessories such as an umbrella or a light weight trench allowing you to have fun whilst staying comfortable under rough weather conditions. Footwear is also an increasingly important part of completing your look. There are a vast range of shoe styles and designs within today’s current market for the modern man. Be sure to select a shade and style that caters to any situation while keeping them clean and polished, and that matches with your overall look.

However, regardless of the weather, remember that the ultimate style statement and accessory is made with your face and attitude – when you feel great, you look great! The expression of joy, excitement and humbled confidence that comes from wearing a look you love gives you the style statement that is sure to excite and stand out this Spring Racing season!