Men's accessories manual for the Spring Racing Carnival

For years men have been respectful to the race days with a classic and traditional approach to their styled ensembles. However, in the past couple of seasons we have seen men willing to experiment a little more with colourings, contemporary combinations, having fun with accessories and how they are used.

A man’s outfit simply wouldn’t be complete, without some strong, style driven extra add-ons that can only come through the finishing touches of what men’s accessories provide.

Accessories can be a tricky thing to master, however you don’t need a wide variety to nail it. There are a few key pieces that when put together right, can truly look amazing. Now, not all men spoil themselves with all the choices, so the ‘must-have’ accessory to make a personal style statement would have to start with the tie and pocket square!

The tie and the pocket square being the smaller part of the outfit have the biggest impact, it says more about your style and who you are than any part on your look. If you are the quiet and classic type, or if you are more eccentric, be sure to make that statement!

External to the garments, sunglasses are a great ‘in your face’ addition to your look. Whether you plan to sun it up out on the track or taking time out within a marquee, you’ll need a good pair of sunglasses to see you through the day and stand out. Like anything, choosing the right style or shape can make or break a look. Be sure to do your research and wear a pair that best suits your style and facial features, such as round framed, tinted shades, aviators etc.

Another key ‘must-have’ accessory trackside this season would have to be a solid watch. A good timepiece is truly a man’s best friend. In today’s modern world, as well as allowing you to express who you are, a watch can tell fellow racegoers a little bit about yourself and who you are whilst also showing that you have a great sense of style etiquette and a great eye for detail. Whether you like a more classy and traditional timepiece, or a modern digital one, be sure to select a style that adds to your overall look.

When it comes to hats and headwear for men, it can sometimes be a hit and miss. However, the great thing is the huge variety of styles and designs that are on offer these days for men. It’s possible to have one for each race day, if your look requires it. Whether you need a dress hat to keep your head warm, or a fedora to get that ultimate sartorial look, it’s a great way to introduce a bit of colour and texture to your overall look.

Not to forget the belt, which may seem like a clear essential no matter what the occasion, however belts are often left behind. This season creative woven belts are perfect for the warmer days out on the track as they add a slightly more tailored approach to your styling. If you’re a more traditional dresser, we recommend opting for soft leather. The number one rule when it comes to belts would be that you must remember to always match your belt with the colour of your shoe. If you’re wearing a brown belt, wear brown shoes, visa-versa if you’re looking to wear a black belt, be sure they match and coordinate well with your outfit.

Lastly, and most importantly, whether you’re a race track rookie or a seasoned professional, don’t forget confidence is the best accessory to have!